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Tenloss: Welcome

Greetings and welcome!

Tenloss Syndicate is the mercenary faction you seek when things get tough, when inventory needs moving, or when assets need protecting.

The faction is run by Tycho Celchu, one of the most seasoned Corellians in the galaxy with true combat missions notched on his belt and some of the more exotic ships the galaxy has to offer as his personal toys. At his side, Loftano Drak, a wiley Hapan known to turn a credit under any circumstance and a mining magnate to cap it off.

Tenloss has always strived to fill its ranks with veterans of the galaxy, from all races, all planets, so that when the time comes to get the job done, you know it will be done right. Fresh faced newcomers need not be turned away though, as we will share this wealth of knowledge and turn you into a savvy merc, with the skills and know how for day to day life.

So, have a look around and read about what Tenloss has to offer you and don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

- Tycho Celchu, Perator, Tenloss Syndicate

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