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Tenloss: Join Us

Looking to join the Tenloss Syndicate? Are you quick behind the stick? Are you a leader or a follower? There are many roles within Tenloss that may be perfect for you!

We have a unique fleet, built up over the span of 16 years, so the ability to fly some of the more rare vessels this galaxy has to offer is within your grasp once you prove yourself. You are welcome to use your own ship should you desire however, the choice is yours.

Most of all, you need determination. We pride ourselves on getting the job done and with friendly non-aggression pacts galaxy wide, we have expanded access to many sectors galaxy wide to operate in. That said, you must be willing to work under pressure and should problems arise, have a good head on your shoulders to problem solve and report back in a timely manner.

Interested? If so, feel free to join Tenloss via the following method:

Direct Application

Click Here and then choose Tenloss Syndicate from the drop down menu. Enter reason you wish to join and hit the Send Join Request button. We will strive to get back to you within 24 standard galactic hours to speak to you about your application.

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