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Tenloss: Personnel

Leadership is a core value at the Tenloss Syndicate. For 15 years, Tycho Celchu has been owner and leader of Tenloss through multiple generations and reforms. Overseeing the recreation of Tenloss in multiple guises, including; recycling, ship building, mining expansion, item expansion and finally mercenary, the experience obtained through many years of item transfers, training and combat, construction, building and leadership is second to none.

Tycho Celchu

By his side, Loftano Drak, the right hand man who controls the day to day operations of the Syndicate and the brains behind the mining arm Vyzerod Mining. Through his leadership, he has taken Tenloss into a new era, forging it into a prominent security force in the central galaxy.

Loftano Drak

Between the two is 25 years of combined galactic conflict, construction, deals and negotiating. Backed by respected veterans and capable faction members, our personnel are fine exemplars across the galaxy and span many races.

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