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Tenloss: History

Year 0 - Year 5

The history of the Tenloss Syndicate spans many years and through many iterations in this vast galaxy.

First created on Year 0: Day 5, the Tenloss Syndicates humble beginnings all began as a simple recycling operation under the name of Galactic Salvage Inc. A small faction in the early days of the galaxy, its primary purpose was collecting wreckages laid waste from the "red" battles that individuals waged against enemy and faction alike. Amassing a substantial wrecked fleet from escape pods all the way up to hulking masses of Super Star Destroyers, Tycho set up salvage yards and scrapped the metal for a living.

Progressing forward, the urge arose to create rather than wreck and Tenloss was reinvented into a ship building faction. Servicing some of the galaxies largest governments in the galaxy, Tenloss contracted out jobs and made some of the hulking behemoths floating in the galaxy today.

Year 5 - Year 7

As Tenloss rose in stature, expansion was inevitable. Seeing opportunity to move into select markets, Galindas Exports and Vyzerod Mining were born. Specialising in items and mining, Tenloss carved out a niche and a small monopoly was born. Selling faster than production could keep up with, healthy profits were made and paved the way for the next transition, Government.

Year 7 - Year 11

Having laid the groundwork, Tenloss Syndicate moved into politics and rose to be a Government. Controlling the homeworlds of Alderaan, Mon Calamari, Ryloth and Cona, Tenloss set up trade routes in between each homeworld and expanded planet populations. Negotiating tax levels with the local people, passive income funded further expansion as Tenloss bought minority shares in other factions across the galaxy.

Hard times came to be though. With a galactic reshuffle that led to planets realigning, Tenloss experienced some losses. Scaling back, Galindas Exports was sold off to put more emphasis on Vyzerod Mining. Setting up mines on a massive scale, Tenloss began stockpiling materials to set up for further expansion into planetary growth. With a group decision from the leadership, the Leukish Council agreed to revert the faction to ship building status to expand its fleet without outside control.

Year 11 - Year 16

Years passed by and Tycho took a backseat from day to day operations. Entrusting Tenloss with his right hand man, Loftano Drak begun the restructure into the current transition. Finishing up all contracts for ship construction, as well as making billions of credits in Vyzerod, Tenloss moved into the protection services. Converting into a Mercenary faction, Tenloss now patrols its own space and land, building its defence network as well as outsourcing its services to help others in need.

The future looks bright for this age old faction as it moves towards its 17th year of operations while still holding true the values it was founded upon all that time ago.

Year 16 - Present

After taking back over day to day operations, Tycho Celchu closed the doors of Tenloss to the public and now works solely on a short term contract hire, constructing ships on an as needed basis.

Settling down and entering semi-retirement, Tycho enjoys spending time throughout the many Tenloss worlds.

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